Traversing Walls Book

Traversing Walls Book

  • $4000

Traverse wall climbing—in which most of the climbing is done horizontally—is quickly growing in popularity because it is exhilarating, challenging, and fun. Yet, specific games and activities for traverse walls have been hard to find—until now.

Traversing Walls provides you with 68 engaging activities that you can use to implement traverse wall climbing. Included are these features:
  • Core strength activities to help kids physically prepare to climb
  • Dome cone and other lead-up activities to keep kids active even when they’re not climbing
  • Traverse wall activities with cross-curricular connections that will stimulate your participants’ bodies and minds at the same time—so the kids are thinking and learning while having fun on the wall
The book contains dozens of activities and variations, including well-known games and those that incorporate numbers, letters, math, and words. Some games reinforce health concepts, such as nutrition and the MyPyramid food chart, muscles and exercise, human body systems (muscles and organs), human skeletal system, and appropriate health behaviors. All of the activities promote healthy, fun, and productive learning in which everyone can succeed. 

So go encourage your participants to climb the wall! They’ll encounter physical and intellectual challenges along the way, gain strength and confidence as they acquire new skills, and have loads of fun that is connected to learning.

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