Thumball Stress Management

Thumball Stress Management

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Explore the causes of stress and the various ways you might manage its impact with this one-of-a-kind Thumball. Teams can discuss what affects their stress level, how they can help each other out, how they can better manage their own approach to stress, and more.

This 32 panel Thumball is great to use with your co-workers, team members, teens, and students and includes questions such as:

  • What work task would you most like to avoid?
  • Who do you hope will cut you some slack? 
  • How does your mood affect your stress?
  • When you're busy, what's first to get cut from your routine?
  • If you took a "1-minute mental vacation," where would you go?
  • When stressed do you prefer company or solitude?
  • How would you use two extra hours per day?
  • Who or what makes you laugh?
  • How many emails do you delete daily?
  • What's your favorite time waster?

and more...

6" Thumball

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