The Hundredth Monkey

The Hundredth Monkey

  • $5400

Activities That Inspire Playful Learning

by Nate Folan & Friends

The Hundredth Monkey is a resourceful collection of more than 100 new and adapted activities accompanied by many variation ideas. It was designed for a wide range of practitioners in a variety of settings. With a fresh look into Project Adventure's founding concepts, multiple framing and debriefing ideas, and a special sequencing chapter, there is plenty here to inspire anyone who hopes to advance the human condition.

If you wish to empower people to play, laugh, connect, learn, reflect, grow, heal, achieve, perform, and live fully, this activity guide is for you! The Hundredth Monkey is an inspirational and practical offering to those of you who hope to spread the joy of adventure and the boundless potential for learning and growth.

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