Social Justice Education

Social Justice Education

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Stories and Strategies for Teachers
by Blair Niblett

This book is intended to make the hard work of social justice education more accessible, and serves as an invitation for all educators to see themselves as social justice educators. Starting from an introduction to social justice education, this book offers activities, tips, strategies, and stories that illuminate the environments, ideas, and actions that are the interconnected basis of this work. In the face of significant challenge, social justice educators rise to the challenge.

“Blair Niblett’s cogent and candid book brings social justice and activism out of the shadows of education and into the place it belongs in the classroom, where all are invited not as audience but as agents of positive and humane change. Niblett creates a framework for developing a container in which the classroom community can safely share, debate, and practice both critical thinking and humility. In the social justice classroom, learners are trusted to drive their learning process, developing qualities and skills for living in an increasingly diverse world. As education in North America begins to move away from failed reforms like standardization, high-stakes testing and direct instruction, this book is a go-to resource for the dawn of a new progressive era in education.”

—Laurie Frank, Experiential Educator, author of Journey Toward the Caring Classroom

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