Rope Games

Rope Games

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Using a Finite Collection of Ropes to Facilitate an Infinite Variety of Group Experiences

by Jim Cain

The phrase 'learning the ropes' is as applicable today as it was 200 years ago. Then, it referred to a new recruit on a sailing vessel learning how to climb and handle the many ropes that operated the ship's sails. For the purpose of this book 'learning the ropes' refers to understanding how to facilitate a wide variety of powerful group activities that explore a significant range of topics.

All together, there are more than a hundred and twenty-three different ways in this books to create valuable experiences and powerful teachable moments with your next group. And best of all, these techniques require only a few simple pieces of ropes, string, elastic shock cord, webbing and other common forms of cordage, plus a few simple props that you probably already have, and a few that require no equipment at all.

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