Portable Spider's Web

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This classic team activity presents a significant problem-solving challenge to groups! Whether trying to pass group members through the gaps in the web or trying to feed a rope through all of the holes, creative problem-solving will emerge. 

  • FULL KIT (2 in 1 - Spider's Web + Horizontal Grid)
    Frame is constructed of 1.25" PVC pipe and is easily collapsed for storage. Great for a portable outdoor option, a classroom, or school gymnasium. Our Portable Spider's Web comes in a durable reinforced full-zip carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. Built Dimensions: ~10' x 8'. Bag Dimensions: ~68" x 8" x 8"
  • WEB ONLY (Replacement Web)
    Our stock Spider's Web net. 7'x10'. Net only. Frame, velcro straps, and carrying bag are not included.
    Horizontal Grid Conversion Kit for the Original Adventureworks Portable Spider's Web Kit. Contains 4 three-way elbows and 2 sections of 1.25" diameter white PVC pipe that allow the Spider's Web to be set up as the Horizontal Grid element. Conversion pieces only. Frame, web, velcro straps, and carrying bag are not included.

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