New England KM III - 10.5mm Static Rope

  • $73500

An exceptional static rope for Outdoor Use: rappelling, top rope belayed elements using a slot device, Petzl Gri Gri, or A-Team style belay; and hauling applications.

KM-III's unique polyester sheath differentiates KM-III from other static ropes. The polyester sheath is balanced with a nylon core to limit rotation, bouncing, and stretch with exceptional UV resistance. KM-III is NFPA and CE approved, and comes with an NFPA certification tag and CE labels. This is one of the most durable static ropes available with the handling and knotability you expect from TEUFELBERGER. The sheath is braided with 32 bobbins to provide an optimum sheath/core ratio. This allows for an incredibly smooth sheath, higher tensile strengths, and superior handling characteristics.


  • Diameter: 13/32" (10.5mm)
  • Weight: 85g/m

Suggested Length on Adventureworks Installed Elements:

  • 30m - Belay Systems including Slot Device or Gri Gri Un-Anchored
  • 35m - Belay Systems including A-Team, Slot Device or Gri Gri - Anchored, Rappelling

For custom lengths, or questions about length including for M-Style belay use please call our office: 1 (877) 311-5683

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