Miniature Metaphors

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From Jennifer Stanchfield, this is a must have resource for people who work with individuals and groups. Jen created this tool after requests from facilitator’s looking for a “pocket sized” facilitation and processing tool that would be easy to carry into the field. It has become a favorite of teachers, challenge course practitioners, corporate trainers, camp leaders, therapeutic recreation specialists and outdoor educators on the go.

People of all ages are intrigued by the small figurative charms. Participants are drawn in by the miniature figures, objects, symbols, and animals which invite discussion and reflection. Miniature Metaphors can be used in a variety of ways from individual reflection, to group processing. They can be used for engaging conversation and reflection around goal-setting, debriefing, resolving conflict and celebrating the individual strengths and positive attributes of group members. Use your creativity the possibilities are endless.

The use of objects as metaphor can enhance reflection and dialogue. Participants can attach their thoughts to a tangible object that can be touched and shown to a group. Because the participants can talk about the object or image rather than about themselves directly, they sometimes express thoughts that would otherwise be left unsaid. Often the thoughts ideas and connections inspired by the objects lead to broader and deeper reflection sessions than when using dialogue alone.

Package includes:
  • Decorative tin
  • 30 miniature charms
  • Carrying bag

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