Journey Toward... 2nd Ed

Journey Toward... 2nd Ed

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Using Adventure to Create Community
by Laurie Frank

A must-have for educators and facilitators building classroom community. Journey Toward the Caring Classroom, 2nd Edition, deftly bridges the gap between conventional and experiential education, empowering educators/facilitators to use their minds, intuition, and knowledge along with a growing body of evidence to create an environment that supports learning, community building, and social-emotional development. Educational theory, concrete in-class strategies, and engaging activities encourage educators to transform their classroom into a caring place where every learner can grow.

The updated edition includes frameworks for building community, addressing bullying behaviours, activities that promote community building, trust, decision making, and problem solving, and a selection of debriefing and processing activities. Activities also provide ideas for various grade levels, ages, and levels of ability - with adaptations and modifications ready to go!

This book makes a great addition to the Safe Schools PAK!

Published 2013.
320 pages.

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