Backcountry Play Book

Backcountry Play Book

  • $2200

Games and Activities to Enhance Educational Field Experiences

by Ben Mirkin, Jamie Struck, & Jayson Seaman

“A well-timed game or activity does important work when, otherwise, things could really go south, sometimes making the difference between an educative and a non-educative experience, a memorable versus forgettable trip.”

An excellent resource for outdoor adventures and adventurers of all kinds, this book promotes intentional play with inviting activities that set the tone, create cohesion, build skills, and develop relationships with self, others, and nature. The game grid is a unique and ingeniously simple framework for choosing the optimal game to match the objective. This book supplies a catalogue of games and activities and provides a framework for thinking about how games and activities can fulfill many of the essential functions needed for a fun, memorable, and developmental outdoor field experience. The authors’ goal is to draw attention to aspects of trips that might be taken for granted but are in fact key opportunities for promoting group and participant development.

Softcover, 96 pages, 5x7" size.

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