All-Day Program PAK


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If Adventureworks facilitators could only take one small bag for the whole day, this is what would be in it. The All-Day Program PAK is the facilitator's multi-tool. With this flexible collection you gain the tools to deliver programming for a few minutes, or a few days, with diverse groups in multiple settings.

The All-Day Program PAK includes:

This PAK gives you everything you need to deliver dozens of activities and reflections including Grand Prix, Inside Out, Don't Touch Me, Time Warp, Keypunch, Gridlock, Ready-Aim, Name Toss, Group Juggle, Common Bond, Find and Flee, Nutsy, Frantic, Write-On, Steal the Bacon, Huck the Ham, Keypad Too, Stump Jumping, War, Hot Chocolate River, Metaphors, Image Stories, and many, many more.

Extend the adventure...


For more programming ideas and resources that compliment the All-Day Program PAK, check out Teamwork & Teamplay, The Book of Raccoon Circles, Find Something To Do, and Silverbullets.


Build your capacity even further through our All-Day Program PAK Training - a full-day or half-day a workshop that explore the possibilities for this essential collection. Contact us at for more details, and to book your training.

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