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The Pro PAK allows every facilitator to be a pro. This is the ultimate resource for group development, child and youth work, camps and recreation programs, or professional and corporate facilitation.

This update to our Deluxe PAK will helps you unleash the full potential of your participants with initiative equipment and props that complement hundreds of activities, debriefing and reflection tools for every situation, a library of the best books to get the most out of every item, and access to exclusive resources. All packed in a portable, rolling bag - this is a ready to go adventure program.

PLUS! Pro PAK purchasers receive 1 year of access to - an online programming resource with activities from adventure pros Karl Rohnke, Nate Folan, Ryan Eller, Michelle Wilson, Lisa Howard, Chris Cavert, Jim Cain and Mark Collard.

This PAK contains the following...

Initiative Activities & Props:

  • Expandable Cube
  • Lycra Tube
  • Marble Tube Kit
  • Bullring Kit
  • Ubuntu Cards
  • 52 Fathoms Cards
  • Raccoon Circles (4)
  • Numbered 5" Polyspots (30)
  • Soft Throwables (18)
  • Tennis Balls (30)
  • Blind Folds / Bandannas (12)
  • Squawking Rubber Chicken
  • Rubber Pig/Throwable
  • Boundary Rope (2)
  • Mini Puzzle Kit
    • Porcupine Progression
    • Wrist Loops (12)
    • Key Ring (4)
  • Who Are You Thumball
  • Leadership Thumball
  • Move Your Body Thumball

Debriefing and Reflection Tools:

  • Chiji Dice
  • Chiji Cards
  • Body Parts Debrief
  • Pick A Postcard
  • Thumball - Emotion Mania
  • Virtues and Values Thumball
  • Debriefing Thumball

Program and Debriefing Resources:

  • Serious Fun by Mark Collard
  • A Foundation of Trust by Sam Sikes
  • Ubuntu Activity Guide by Ryan McCormick & Chris Ortiz
  • Chiji Guide Book by Steven Simpson and Chris Cavert
  • Open To Outcome by Micah Jacobson and Mari Ruddy
  • A Teachable Moment by Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings, and Jennifer Stanchfield
  • Online access to a selection of PAK activity instructions and suggestions
  • Wheeled Hockey Bag
  • 1-Year Individual Subscription to playmeo
    is an innovative online platform that is specifically designed to equip program leaders - such as teachers, corporate trainers, camp / youth leaders & outdoor educators - with the skills & resources they need to deliver remarkably fun & meaningful group-based programs. playmeo includes over 250 activities, all searchable, with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, and programming resources to put it all together. To find out more and get 30 free activities, visit

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