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Find Something To Do

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No Prop Activities for Trainers, Teachers, Facilitators, Presenters, Managers, Counselors, Coaches, and Group Leaders of All Kinds

by Jim Cain

For those moments when you have plenty of people, plenty of time & plenty of space but absolutely nothing else, this unique collection of no prop activities will come in very handy.

From icebreakers and get-acquainted activities to creative problem solving challenges and reviewing techniques, and from quiet small-group games to riotous high-energy large group activities, this collection of no prop activities can keep any group busy for hours. And best of all, you won't need a single piece of equipment to leader any of these activities.This book will show you how to take absolutely nothing and do something wonderful with it.

Looking to get a copy for each member of your team? Give one to each of your staff for their day bag, or desk - get a 12 pack and receive $30 in savings - that's more than the cost of another book!

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