Safe Schools PAK


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The Adventureworks Safe Schools PAK is ideal for increasing your capacity to foster positive learning communities, build resilient students, and address issues that come up in the educational setting. This is the essential resource both for Educators looking to further their professional development and establish and maintain classroom norms, and for Administrators looking for resources to support an accepting, inclusive, and respectful school community.

The Safe Schools PAK contains everything you need to deliver incredible adventure learning activities. Examples include: Cross the Line, Shrinking Islands, Mass Pass, Circles of Influence, Partner Sequence/Concentric Circles, Knot or Not, Pass the Knot, Traffic Jam, 6 Count, and many, many more. The resources also support meaningful personal reflection, empathy building, and conflict resolution approaches including: Personal Postcards/Letter to Myself, Spectrum, Puzzle Murals, What Would It Be Like?, Emotions, and much more. 

The Safe Schools PAK saves you $125 over purchasing each item individually, and includes:

  • Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner by Jennifer Stanchfield
  • Springboard: Quick, Creative Activities to Launch Learning by Mary Beth Campbell, Carolyn Hill, and Micah Jacobson
  • What Would It Be Like? / Are You More Like? by Chris Cavert & Friends
  • Chiji Pocket Processor
  • Teamplay Tubes (4 sets)
  • Raccoon Circles (4)
  • Community Puzzle (96 pieces)
  • 9" Alphabet Polyspots (26)
  • Soft Throwables (30)
  • Squawking Rubber Chicken
  • Teamwork and Teamplay Cards 2.0
  • Emotionmania Thumball
  • Conflict Resolution Thumball
  • Pick A Postcard
  • Boundary Rope
  • Adventureworks Bag


Extend the adventure...

For more programming ideas and resources that compliment the Safe Schools PAK, take a look through our Books section. The Safe Schools PAK can be used to deliver programs and activities from other great titles like Setting the Conflict Compass, Diversity in Action, Open To Outcome, A Teachable Moment, and more! 

Build your capacity even further through our workshop A Classroom To Belong To. This full or half-day workshop for educators provides insights, activities, and frameworks for building positive school climate and addressing bullying behaviours. Participants will learn to further their skills for building a foundation of care and kindness in the classroom, promote restorative practices, and create a supportive learning community. This workshop introduces adventure activities and reflections, explains what makes certain techniques effective, and provides guidance for implementing debriefing that works. Contact us at for more details, and to book your training.

*Please note, there are no substitutions for PAK items

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