Disarming the Playground: Violence Prevention Through Movement & Pro-Social Skills

Wood 'N' Barnes Publishing

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by Rena Kornblum

"Since violent acts are a series of movements our bodies have learned to use to represent our inability to control emotions like anger; it follows that learning different movements to express or react to anger can prevent violence."--Disarming the Playground

Anger and violence in school and at home destroys trust and relationships. Disarming the Playground provides a movement-based curriculum of activities that promote non-violence and anger management in hopes of removing this unnecessary detriment to child development and welfare.

Based on the idea that physical action can healthily expresses emotion without harming others, the author encourages body-awareness and a deeper understanding of internal physical sensations, as well as social skills for coping with and diffusing violent situations. The activities included easily adapt to differing ages and developmental stages appropriate for pre-school through middle school. Lesson plans, step-by-step directions, discussion topics, and suggested props avail the curriculum to use by teachers and parents alike.

Includes 2 items:

  • Training Manual (Soft Cover)
  • Activity Book (Spiral Bound)

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